Lecture in honor of Bedřich Neumann

MUDr. Marie Štefková, CSc.   

Honorary Lecture - October 16, 2015

The Fixed Apparatus Implementation and the Posgraduate Teaching Methods in Orthodontics.

Three-year postgraduate specialized preparation and practice in the field of orthodontics in an accredited center, which is taken for granted nowadays, has been the rule in the last twenty years only. Until the 1970s, when only removable apparatuses had been used for treatment, the training was organized in the form of an intership or in The Doctors´ Further Education Institute. After the fixed apparatuses technique was introduced, we provided in Olomouc various interships which were attended by the doctors from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, and later from Poland as well, all of them interested in starting to use the fixed apparatuses treatment. Gradually, with the fixed apparatus treatment, development and production of IRISA polycarbonated brackets and sorting out and reusing the rings, the treatment was introduced also in other centers, not only clinical departments. During discontinuous interships the specialists were working for three years in our department once a week, when, at the same time, the specialised seminar was run, and then for about another four months in a year. This kind of training was gradually replaced by the three-year preparation in the form that is known at present.

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