18. - 20.9.2014, NH Olomouc Congress Hotel, Olomouc, CR

Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues,

We would like to most cordially invite you to the III. Joint Congress of the Czech Orthodontic Society and the Slovak Orthodontic Society and to the XV. Congress of the Czech Orthodontic Society to be held in the amiable environment of the NH Olomouc Congress Hotel in Olomouc on 18-20 September 2014.

One of the key topics of the congress is the interdisciplinary cooperation between the orthodontist and the implantologist. It is a topic very close to our heart, as you certainly know, which is why the organising committee of the congress has done its best to arrange for the participation of the leading experts in this field. We are very pleased to have Dr. Vincent Kokich Jr. for the congress course, whom some of you know as a prominent expert and lecturer, others as the son of Prof. Kokich Sr., the mentor who took us to the waters of interdisciplinary orthodontics and for many years guided us around these rapids. Vincent Kokich Jr. is a world-renowned orthodontist, whose professional presentations are of the utmost value. At the end of the course the honorary membership of the Czech Orthodontic Society will be bestowed upon Prof. Vincent Kokich Sr., in memoriam unfortunately, and therefore handed over to his son. There is certainly no need to introduce Prof. Vincent Kokich Sr. since most of the orthodontists know his articles and lectures that can hardly be surpassed and definitely cannot be forgotten. In this section, lectures will also be presented by Dr. Ewa Czochrowska, the President of the EOS 2014 Congress in Warsaw, Associate Proffesor Piotr Fudalej and Dr. Davide Mirabella, who will also lecture on bone formation through orthodontic tooth movement before implantation. Apart from the keynote lectures, also short presentations will be given by domestic implantologists, orthodontists and prosthodontists focusing on interdisciplinary cooperation.

Another main topic of the congress is the orthognathic surgery, with two keynote lecturers, namely Prof. Mirco Raffaini, an outstanding oral and maxillofacial surgeon who cooperates with all the leading Italian orthodontists, and Dr. A.Triaca who will speak on aesthetic surgeries on mandibular body. His approach is just as revolutionary as surprisingly simple. Their lectures will be complemented by inputs from highly experienced Associate Professor R. Foltán and other Czech and Slovak orthognathic surgeons.

The lecture in honour of Bedřich Neumann will this time be given by Prof. Dr. M. Kamínek, DrSc, the legendary Central European orthodontist, who can undoubtedly be considered the founder of modern orthodontics in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Prof. Kamínek will also be awarded the honorary membership of the Czech Orthodontic Society in Olomouc, the town associated with professional as well as private life of professor Kamínek.

The traditional lecture on a completely different topic will be given by Prof. Cyril Höschl, the prominent Czech psychiatrist.

We have, of course, prepared also the section for orthodontic assistants, which will this year zero in on psychological aspects of their work, disinfection, X-ray protection and similar topics. The section for dental technicians will be dedicated to cooperation with orthognathic surgeon, whereas the practical part will concentrate on making surgical splints.

The President‘s Reception will take place at the Faculty of Science, with music performance by the Pangea – The Beatles revival Band and the theme of the evening being 1960's. We will certainly appreciate if you turn up dressed in 1960's style clothing.

On behalf of the organizing committee we are looking forward to meeting you at the congress.

Ivo Marek

President of the congress

Irena Klímová

Vicepresident of the congress

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