Ladies and Gentlemen, distinguished colleagues,

On my behalf and on behalf of the organisational committee I would like to invite you to the XIth Congress of the Czech Orthodontic Society.

It has been a tradition already for several years that orthodontists meet at the end of summer to derive new knowledge and inspiration for their work at the congress and to meet with their colleagues, friends and peers. This year the congress will be held in the very centre of the South Moravian metropolis Brno, namely in the house of Brno Philharmonia - Besední dům.

The main topic to be debated at the congress will be the issue of the Angle Class II, which will be discussed by Prof. Sabine Ruf, Ph.D., as part of a congress course and one of the keynote speakers. Another main topic will be the cooperation between orthodontists and aesthetical dentists. The keynote speaker there will be Doc. MUDr. Lenka Roubalíková, Ph.D., who will acquaint us with the possibilities and limits of aesthetical corrections and teeth whitening in orthodontic anomalies. Besides, there will be other keynote speakers with their interesting topics: MUDr. Miroslava Švábová, CSc., will broaden our knowledge about hereditary orthodontic anomalies, PhDr. Jana Severová, CSc., will tell us how to prevent the burnout syndrome, and Doc. MUDr. Olga Jedličková, CSc., is preparing Bedřich Neumann’s honorary lecture for us. I believe that the above speakers serve as a guarantee of the high expertise of the congress programme not only for me, but also for you.

Besides the scientific programme for medical doctors we are also preparying a cycle of lectures for orthodontic assistants and dental technicians. We are preparing a number of interesting lectures about communication with the patient, treatment of handicapped and diffi cult children, the lingual technique, ergonomics at work, dental impressions in fi ssure patients, cooperation between dental technicians and orthodontists, as well as other topics.

The Besední dům is preparing beautiful representative premises for our meeting. Besides the scientific programme there will also be a company fair and a supplementary programme. A theatre performance staged on the eve of the fi rst congress day will be an unconventional way of spending the evening. A theatre play by Pavel Kohout entitled “Eros” with Marian Labuda in the lead role will be staged before a social evening for orthodontic assistants and dental technicians. For organisational reasons you have to register for this theatre performance until a given deadline.

You are most cordially invited. Please come and enjoy the Genius loci of the Besední dům, or Brno itself.

We look forward to meeting you in Brno.

MUDr. Pavlína Černochová, Ph.D.
Congress President

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