18. - 20.9.2014, NH Olomouc Congress Hotel, Olomouc, CR

Prof. Mirco Raffaini, MD, DDS, PhD.

Dr. M. Raffaini was born in Parma (Italy) 56 years ago. He trained under the guidance of Prof. R. Brusati, working for more then 20 years in the Divisions of Maxillofacial Surgery both of Parma’s University-Hospital and Milan’s S. Paolo Hospital. Consultant at San Raffaele Hospital (Milan, Italy). Consultant at Teknon Medical Center (Barcellona, Spain), where he developed new surgery techniques together with Dr. F. Hernandez. Fellowships at several national and international Institutions with specializations in: cranio-facial surgery (Dr. Tessier, Dr. Ortiz Monasterio, Dr. Kawamoto), head and neck surgery (Prof. Sesenna), orthognathic surgery (Dr. Epker, Dr. Arnett, Dr. Wolford), maxillofacial surgery (Prof. Delaire, Prof. Obwegeser), plastic surgery (Dallas Southwestern University). Visiting Professor in Maxillofacial Surgery at the following Universities: Pisa, Parma, Chieti, Milano. 2000-today: Associate Professor at the Division of Maxillofacial Surgery, University of Florence. In Florence he currently devotes himself to cranio-maxillo facial reconstructive surgery at Centro Traumatologico Ortopedico, C.T.O.(Trauma Center Hospital). At Meyer Children’s Hospital of Florence he is Consultant for congenital cranio-facial malformations. Author of over 150 scientific publications, chapters in textbooks and monographic books on maxillofacial surgery. Over the latest 23 years he has been focusing both on orthognathic and facial surgery, having done more then 5000 orthognathic surgery cases, developing personal concepts and techniques. On the subject he organizes practical and theoretical courses for orthodontists and surgeons. In his private practice he currently focuses on esthetic facial surgery, surgery of maxillary deformities and maxillofacial surgery. Editorial board member of various international specialized journals (orthodontics and maxillo-facial surgery). Member of the following Associations: European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery, EACMFS; Advanced Orthognathic Surgery Foundation, AOSF; Societa Italiana di chirurgia Maxillo-Facciale, SICMF (Italian Association for Maxillo-facial Surgery); American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, ASAPS.

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