18. - 20.9.2014, NH Olomouc Congress Hotel, Olomouc, CR

Optimalizing the results of orthognathic surgery: from the orthognathic to the orthofacial surgery

Prof. Mirco Raffaini, MD, DDS, PhD.   

Keynote Lecture - Friday, September 19, 2014

Orthognathic surgery is classically performed to modify the position of the jaws in order to correct the patients’ dental occlusion and getting stability and health, to improve temporomandibular joint function, to open the oropharyngeal airway, and to enhance tremendously the patient’s facial aesthetics. A paradigm shift in this field has already happened, thus producing the golden age for Orthognathic Surgery and changing it in the comprehensive facial reshaping allows to obtain attractive and beautiful results.

    This presentation is going focus on the following topics:
  • 1. New aesthetic concepts to obtain the correct and faster orthodontic incisor repositioning in order to establish the best lip support and to attain the ideal bone-teeth relationship.
  • 2. A comprehensive facial clinical analysis of all the morphological features is one of the cornerstones to get successful orthodontic preparation and surgery aesthetics.
  • 3. Advantages of 3D study of the facial skeleton and techniques of 3D Surgical Visual Treatment Simulation
  • 4. Innovative and versatile inferior mandibular border and whole mandibular contours reshaping with ostectomy for the correction of morphological deficiencies, excesses, and asymmetries.
  • 5. The nose is the main structural element in the middle of the face: any alteration should be addressed and treated in conjunction with the jaws procedures.
  • 6. Liposculpturing procedures integrated with surgery of the skeleton is the key to obtain a perfectly balanced soft tissues envelope and produce better outcomes.
  • 7. Integration of multiple aesthetic surgery procedures for a comprehensive treatment to enhance the orthofacial appearance
  • 8. Evaluate the possibility of surgically manipulate the muscles and ligaments to get the result as natural as possible.

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